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The name itself is self explanatory. The fertilizers are used to improve the fertility of the land using biological wastes, hence the term biofertilizers, and biological wastes do not contain any chemicals which are detrimental to the living soil. They are extremely beneficial in enriching the soil with those micro-organisms, which produce organic nutrients for the soil and help combat diseases. The farm produce does not contain traces of hazardous and poisonous materials. Thus those products are accepted across the world as Organic ones. Hence for organic farming the use of biofertilizers is mandatory.

Traditional fertilizers such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK) are expensive and are generally overused. Additionally, they contribute to a runoff problem that leads to many nutrients downstream. This is potentially a major environmental issue. Bio-fertilizers are means of fixing the nutrient availability in the soil. It maintains the natural habitat of the soil. Use of bio-fertilizers, can reduce the need for traditional fertilizers by up to 30%. This occurs because the beneficial microbes within the bio fertilizer help the plant use fertilizers in a much more efficient manner.